• AFI composites

    Australian Fabricating Industries (AFI) are leaders in the design, tooling and manufacture of custom composite products.
    With over 33 years experience in carbon, fibreglass and kevlar manufacture, fabrication and tooling, our company prides itself on being able to produce a diverse range of projects from large to small.

    We have a wealth of hands on experience and are the authorised distributor of quality brands for product such as resin, cloths, chopped strand mats, carbon, kevlar ariamid and ancillary products.

  • McGain Group

    The McGain Group are enablers for individuals who are passionate about their sport to "Accelerate Your Performance"
    I provide Elite Sports Academy programs; currently in cricket, cycling and AFL Kicking, with the expertise and assistance of the finest elite sports coaches in the country.
    I also facilitate Performance Coaching for individuals seeking mentoring, rapid skill & personal development and have ambitions to be the highest achievers in their chosen sport.
    Holistic Athlete Management services are delivered - we provide a superior level of personal service to our athletes, enhancing their sporting careers, guiding their personal development and fostering interdependent partnerships.

  • Swivs Locker

    Swivs Locker Pty Ltd. was founded after a club Swiv was playing with needed a new clothing company to supply their uniforms.
    So Swiv decided to source his own garments to assist the club.
    A passion was found and it was time to start building the business to what it is today.

    With SERVICE and QUALITY the two main factors the business is built on, we’ve grown accustomed to working orders of all sizes and providing CUSTOMISED products to buyers requirements, including budget.

    We enjoy putting our minds together to deliver quality goods on time and as needed for
    YOUR particular purpose.